The Dogs

Our dogs are important members of our team. Their health and happiness is a top priority. Not every dog that joins us will be able to make the expedition. We take great care in evaluating each dog and making sure that the expedition will be the the right fit for them. Age, coat, health, and interest in sledding and camping all play a part in our decisions. Though painful as it is for us to say goodbye, those dogs that aren’t able to journey with us to Hudson Bay will be placed in the best home for them, whether that be a new home with another musher to continue on as a sled dog or a nice warm couch for retirement with a new loving family.

If you want to support our efforts in providing the best care for the furry members of our team, click on one of their pages and sponsor a dog! And since we have well-mannered pups, they’ll be sure to get you a personal thank you.

Stay tuned as our team grows and changes…


Nikanastem is a very gentle soul and he gives you the feeling that he can see into yours. He is often the quiet seeker of attention in the yard. He lets you know that he wants to hang out, but isn’t as nearly as intense or rowdy as the rest of the clan. This boy is a wonderful addition to our team!

Sponsor Nikanastem



Naheyikook hates when all the attention is on her, she prefers to be one in the crowd. Like her brother she likes her humans to be calm, predictable, and slow, which we always work to accommodate. Once Kooki is harnessed and hooked up you can see her confidence grow. Aside from pulling, she also loves a long, slow walk in the woods.

Sponsor Kooki



Freyja is a sweet, gentle soul that is new to the clan. Keep watching for a full bio as we get to know her better!

Sponsor Freyja



Our class clown, Bulldozer! This guy just cracks us up all the time. If you ever have a down day, this furry teammate is the one to visit. He loves to put a smile on your face and let you pet his belly. We always enjoy our time with Bulldozer!

Sponsor Bulldozer



Jedeye is our chatty cathy! He always has something to say and can barely contain himself when he sees you. It’s hard not to laugh when you hear him start a conversation. Jedeye loves to love and he loves to run!

Sponsor Jedeye



Animisiw is one of our shy guys. He prefers his humans to be calm, predictable, and slow, which we always work to accommodate. Ani is a dog that takes time to build trust with and everyday we take steps in that direction. Though Ani doesn’t always love attention, he does love to run. Once he is on the line, he doesn’t want to go home!

Sponsor Animisiw



Sipikasiw is a special member of the team. His love for pulling is ever present when he is on the line. He works hard and will pull through the hardest moments. He has an intense, calming presence in the yard — look at those eyes! However, his playful curiosity is what wins our hearts everyday.

Sponsor Sipikasiw



Katana is the baby of the family. She’ll be a year in June 2020. She is the cutest, squirrliest in the yard. Right now we are going on walks, breaking in a harness, and learning what it feels like to pull.

Sponsor Katana



Shadow is a suspicious one… he’s never totally certain he trusts a newcomer, but once you win him over, he is a sweet, sweet boy. He’s definitely a squirrelly fellow and always full of excitement. Shadow seems to enjoy being up front in point with his buddy Nikanastem.

Sponsor Shadow



Sky is a pretty intense fellow. He is also pretty distractable, but only until it is time to go. He is 1000% in one he he hears the cue to go and never stops pulling while he is out there. Sky is definitely one of our powerhouses and very dependable dude to have on the line.

Sponsor Sky



Our sweet boy Tag wants nothing more than to love you and just hang out. He’s a gentle soul that just likes to be with the team. He’s a reliable teammate that gives it his all when we are out on a run.

Sponsor Tagaluk



Zippo never stops moving! When we are not out for a run, he continues to get his miles in by doing laps around his house. Getting a picture of him is challenging to say the least. He lives and loves to run, and doesn’t ever seem to get his fill. The way he moves at the age of 7, you’d think he is still the spry young age of 2.

Sponsor Zippo


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